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After 10 years of city life in Lyon, I’m back in the south-west, my native region! At last I can say “chocolatine” and “poche” without people looking at me strangely and I’m delighted that people no longer make the remark “you’re on holiday?” because of my Toulouse accent…

I am the mother of a little boy and a little girl who are almost 7 years apart, born in 2014 and 2020.

In love with nature, passionate about dance (which I practiced for 7 years), decoration, pastry making and travel, I like to see beauty wherever it is, to immortalize it in photos and to share it.

Hypersensitive, empathetic, with an introverted temperament, I am often overwhelmed by my emotions, mine but also those of others.
Creating, gardening, dancing, cooking, doing yoga, spending time in nature, enjoying my children and the present moment, keeps me centred.

I don’t have the time to share all my life or even the will, by the way, because even though I’m a geek, from the Y generation, I need to live my life and leave my virtual life aside, to stay in the moment with full awareness.
But I am delighted with the exchanges here on the blog and social networks, do not hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message on the blog or social networks, it is also your presence and your feedback that motivates me to continue!

I often have 1000 ideas a minute, but I don’t take action because I often don’t even know where to start and it would take me several lifetimes to achieve everything I want to do!
I am almost 40 years old, and the desire for a professional renewal has been nagging at me for some years

Ma plus belle expérience en 2015, le désert de Merzouga

I have always loved the desert. You sit on a sand dune
You see nothing. You hear nothing
And yet something radiates in silence.
The Little Prince by St-Exupéry

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